Software Patches

April 6, 2023

Features and Improvements

  • Auxiliary Files (SCRIPT and DATA Sections): In script command "SendToExcel", the "workbookname" and "worksheetname" parameters will let the use of the special keywords @DATETIME, @DATE, @TIME, @BUILDDATE, @VERSION, @CASENAME, @CASEFILENAME, and @CASEFILEPATH.
  • Case Information Displays: When sorting on Case Information Displays now if the present view of the display is not near the top of bottom of the list of objects, Simulator will now automatically navigate to the presently selected object in the table after completing the sort.
  • Scheduled Actions: Added TimeProfile to Scheduled Action Groups, which can be Continuous or Daily
    - Continuous groups are active continuously between the StartTime and EndTime
    - Daily groups are active every day from the day of StartTime to the day of EndTime, between the time of StartTime and the time of EndTime
  • Sensitivity Calculations: Added a TBus field to show whether there are any connected closed generators, loads or shunts (including the fixed ones). This is a useful field by itself, but it is also now used in the alternative solution check to not say those buses have converged to an alternative solution.
  • Sensitivity Calculations: Modified the LikelyLowSolution field for a Bus so that it only returns YES if a bus meets all the following
    1. dV/dQ < 0
    2. Not connected to any branch with a negative (excluding 3-winding transformer windings)
    3. Has at least one closed generator, load, or shunt
    Criteria #3 was added to eliminate falsely flagged buses in some situations. A bus must have some load, gen, or shunt in order for those injections to push the local system to voltage collapse.
  • Sensitivity Calculations: Modified Bus field HasNegativeReactanceBranches so it always return NO if the bus is an internal star bus of a three-winding transformer.
  • Transient Stability: When using Distributed computing in transient stability and you want to change the mode to to "One Contingency at a Time" that will now be allowed to be done without the need for the user to go to the Options and unchecked the "Use Distributed Computing" Option. Once you initially checked the "Use Distributed Computing" checked box a similar option will appear below the Process Multiple contingency options. However, when running One contingency at a time, will not allow the use of distributed computing and as soon as you select the One contingency at a time option it will automatically uncheck the Use Distributed Computing option .
  • Transient Stability: Added a new Paux Controller PAUXSS1A.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Case Information Displays: Fixed secondary filtering of a ContingencyElement, RemedialActionElement, and other similar objects.
    • Case Information Displays: TSContingency and TSContingencyElement objects can now be filtered using the following secondary filter object types: Bus, Gen, Load, SwitchedShunt, Branch, Interface, InjectionGroup, DCLine, Area, and LineShunt. TSContingency objects can be filtered using TSContingencyElement filters and TSContingencyElement objects can be filtered using TSContingency filters.
    • Contingency Analysis: Fixed access violation that could result if any contingency generator actions for Move, Change By, or Set To are specified for a generator rather than a bus.
    • Contingency Analysis: Made significant changes to the Bus Grouping option when auto inserting contingencies. This option uses the Implicit Breakers field specified with buses to create contingencies.
    • Difference Case Tool: Difference Case Change Mode Tolerances for Substation Latitude, Longitude, UTM Northing, and UTM Easting were not being applied. This has been fixed.