Software Patches

April 29, 2011

Features and Improvements

  • General: Added ability to create a datasource which only specifies the quality of a measurement. For instance you may have three datasources: (1) SCADA, (2) State Estimation, and (3) Quality codes for SCADA measurements based on the State Estimate solution
  • General: When multiple alias subscriptions are assigned to the same variable, added ability to ensure that the value shown is for the data source given the highest priority. Also if multiple values are avaible, then values marked with good quality are preferred.
  • General: Added option to highlight objects and fields on a oneline based on any alias existing with a bad quality. Thus if multiple values are available the value will always reflect the good quality, but the highlighting may be based on any measurement being non-good.
  • General: Added ability to specify "Questionable" quality codes for Flat Text and SQL datasources.