Software Patches

April 28, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • Fault Analysis: Fixed bug in the table listing multiple steady state faults which prevented the user from editing the fault impedance of the fault in that table.
  • Power Flow Solution: Fixed a very obscure bug that would only occur when two Continuous SwitchedShunt objects had different regulated buses AND those regulated buses were connected by very low impedance branches. In this situation the switched shunt control might result in one shunt moving slow upward and the other moving slowing downward until either the solution ran out of Voltage Control Loop iterations or one of the shunts hit a maximum or minimum Mvar limit. Simulator has been modified so that in situations like this the the switched shunts' control algorithms do not fight against one another. This was first seen in a WECC case (26HW1ae.epc) with switched shunts at bus number 56485 and 54159.