Software Patches

April 23, 2018

Features and Improvements

  • Difference Case Tool: Added Difference Case tool support for generator fields CTGPreventAGC, CTGPartFact, CTGMaxResp, CTGMaxRespPerc, Online
  • Difference Case Tool: Added Difference Case tool support for branch field RegBus, RegBusNumUsed
  • Transient Stability: Added new right-click option under Save As on a case information displays for Generator, Shunt, LineShunt, and Branch objects, as well as any transient stability dynamic model object for one of these 4 objects. The new option says "DYD Format (only models of selected records)" and will store a DYD file snippet for the objects and models selected. Also include support for some Load objects and models as appropriate.
  • Bug Fixes

    • QV Curve Tool: When choosing to save results to file with a QV run, temporary files are created in a specially named directory in an attempt to limit the amount of computer memory used. There were two issues being reported related to these temporary files. (1) Windows has a limit of 260 characters for the name of a file path, which includes the directory and the file name. The temporary files would not be created, but no error would be issued until an attempt was made to access the file. A validation check has been added at the beginning of a QV run that checks to see if any of the temporary file paths would be too long, and if so, the QV run will not continue. (2) Some users have reported that the temporary directory is not being created, which also results in the temporary files not being created and no results existing for studied scenarios. Additional error checking has been added during the creation of the temporary directory, and if this fails, the QV run cannot continue.