OPF Options and Results

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The OPF Options and Results dialog allows you to customize the OPF solution. To display this dialog, go to the Add Ons ribbon tab and select Options and Results from the OPF ribbon group. The dialog consists of three general pages; Options, Results and LP Solution Details.

The Options page has four tabs as well, Common Options, Constraint Options, Control Options, and Advanced Options

The Results page has four tabs, Bus MW Marginal Price Details, Bus Mvar Marginal Price Details, Bus Marginal Controls, and Solution Summary.

The LP Solutions Page has five tabs, All LP Variables, LP Basic Variables, LP Basis Matrix, Inverse of LP Basis, and Trace Solution.

The dialog also has several buttons at the bottom of the display:

OK, Cancel

Select to close the dialog. Selecting OK saves your changes while Cancel does not. Note that changes are also saved anytime you select Solve LP OPF or Single Outer Loop.

Solve LP OPF

Solves the OPF using the Primal LP algorithm. Equivalent to selecting Primal LP from the Optimal Power Flow ribbon group on the Add Ons ribbon tab.

Single Outer Loop

Does a single outer loop of the Primal LP algorithm.

Initialize LP OPF

Returns the LP OPF variables to their original states.


Prints the selected page of the dialog.


Displays this help page. To view help for a particular page place the cursor on the page and press the F1 key.