Exercises for Students

Exercises for Students

If you would like to use Simulator for your studies and research there are three options:

(1) Download the free 13-bus version linked here.

(2) Purchase the Glover/Sarma/Overbye Power Systems Analysis and Design textbook (ISBN-13: 978-0534548841) and use the CD included for installation of a 40-bus version.

(3) Ask your professor to email quotes@powerworld.com for information on purchasing an academic license for your university.

PowerWorld Simulator is ideally suited for teaching power systems operations and analysis and for performing research. In fact, the original version of the Simulator software was built as a tool for teaching power systems and presenting power systems analysis results to technical and non-technical audiences alike. Since that time, Simulator has evolved into the highly powerful power systems analysis and visualization platform that it is today.

Simulator has been, and continues to be, used effectively in undergraduate and graduate level classes in power systems operation, control, and analysis. Concepts are presented simply, yet the software has sufficient detail to challenge advanced engineering students.

This page is devoted to providing exercises for students to solve using the PowerWorld Simulator and to providing all interested people a glimpse of the potential of PowerWorld products in illustrating important concepts of power system operation. All of the example problems presented on this page can be performed using the free PowerWorld Simulator – Evaluation/Education Edition, which allows you to perform analysis on systems containing up to 13 buses, and includes most optional Simulator add-ons (ATCOPFOPF ReservesSCOPFPV and QV Curves, and Transient Stability).

Example Problems

  1. Five Bus Homework Assignment
  2. Basic Introduction to B3Flat System
  3. Advanced Work with B7Flat System
  4. Implication of Interarea Transactions with B7Flat System
  5. Low Cost Operation of B7Flat System

Example Cases

  • Six bus case from “Power Generation, Operation and Control” by Allen J. Wood, Bruce F. Wollenberg, John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 1996 (Thanks to Prof. Benjamin Jeyasurya of Memorial University of Newfoundland for this case).
  • IEEE 118 bus case: a very detailed case commonly used to test research theories.

We would certainly welcome any other example problems that you would like to contribute to this page. Please direct all such suggestions, as well as any questions, to Professor Tom Overbye at overbye@powerworld.com.